Although I don’t mean to boast, I have assisted numerous individuals like you and received positive feedback from them.

If you decide to collaborate with me, I aspire to receive even greater testimonials from you.

It is a pleasure to recommend Shan. We needed help with web development and branding and a mutual friend recommended him. He helped us with developing the concept and was able to get us to launch successfully in roughly a month. — Richard Forbs


Shan has grasped most of the modern technologies and quick learning capability ensures that he stays updated with the recent advancements. He is professional and easy to work with. Shan will add great value to his clients and help them achieve their goals. –Richard Forbes


I met Shan remotely via email and he impressed me immediately with his enthusiasm and creativity. So I reached out and arranged to be on his blog and podcast. Now we might do a partnership together. What a great guy! He is a wonderful student of the entrepreneurship craft and going to do great things with his career. If he reaches out to you, take the call. I’m glad I did. Andrew — Andrew Ford


We are very excited to have Shan Naqvi as an integral part of our global team at RTP Funding as our Chief Wed Officer. He is really a great guy to talk about difficult areas on web design and e-commerce. His knowledge will consume you. We have the same mindset for growth potential on the topics of global business and its direction. It’s a pleasure working with Shan and our relationship is amazing. Keep on doing a great job, Shan. We really appreciate you and your talents. God Bless. — Devaugh Dames


A first class entrepreneur delivering valuable services across industries. Recommended — John Drinkwater


Shan is a diligent and motivated person. We have done several things together digitally and he’s always delivered what he promised he would.
He asked for some advice and was quick to act on it and to ask great questions.
If you have the chance to work with Shan, you should. — Jeff Klein


Shan Naqvi is an extraordinarily talented Web Developer, Digital Marketing Guru and provides an essential service to any online start-up business. Highly Recommended by me and many others. — Richard Petenaude


I’ve known Shan for years, and I can say not only is he an excellent writer who loves writing, refining, and the art of copywriting, but Shan also is my friend. He’s an avid learner and incredibly open to feedback. He’s been sharing all of the copywriting with me, the ones he’s bought over the years. I’m astounded! He’s pretty much read and studied from every major copywriter. So when you work with Shan, you’re getting someone dedicated to their craft, whose been working for a long time in the field, and is most definitely a fluent English writer. — Jared Levenson


I was honored to get support from Shan on a couple of web development projects, and found him to be very capable, hard working, and reliable. He is a very bright and resourceful young man! — Paul Hoyt


Shan is a remarkable young man that is eager to learn and apply his knowledge and skills not only to improve his own life but to help others achieve more than they think they can. His own story is an inspiration to everyone and I am look forward to his ongoing journey as he conquers challenge after challenge with a smile on his face. I highly recommend Shan as someone that can get things done! — Andrew Vorster